Street Fishing Waist Bag

Chad Wimberly Case Studies

The Brief

After many discussions with fellow anglers, Flambeau Outdoors grew determined to design a fishing bag suitable for the street fishing market. Existing bags on the market were too big, awkward to open, and tended to hang from the shoulder – making it difficult to fish while wearing the bag.

Our Solution

Having identified the issues, we decided to take on the challenge to improve the bag and fill the need. We undertook extensive market research with English, Dutch, and German anglers to find out what they wanted in a bag. Working closely with our designers, we came up with three prototypes that were put to the test with some of the best street anglers in Europe.

Taking their feedback into consideration, we went through another two rounds of prototyping before we developed the version in use today. Flambeau Outdoors designers incorporated features such as lightweight materials, magnetic closures for improved speed when changing baits, zip tags to allow for easy opening (even when your hands are cold), a waterproof mobile phone pouch, and a built-in measure to allow the angler to gauge his catch during practice.

The Result

You can always see the Flambeau Angling Bag being used by new and existing angling enthusiasts, as it has become the most popular angling bag on the UK and Dutch street fishing scene.