Hygiene Sector

Chad Wimberly Case Studies

The Brief

A well-known Hygiene Solutions company approached Flambeau about managing and implementing the transfer of a large volume of tooling and work from Italy to the UK. The main objective was to ensure there would be no loss of business or customers. The logistics and timing involved for a seamless transfer was the primary challenge for the company’s largest project in 10 years.

Our Solution

Flambeau began the process by initiating workshops with the company to discuss and understand the full project potential. We collaborated with external teams to ensure seamless integration and logistics, using ‘Just in Time’ production planning. Based on the information gathered, we were able to make a series of recommendations to optimise design and cost and widen the product offering by developing a range of new colour options. We also provided alternative strategies to help the company secure the business.

The Result

After a few months of intense negotiation, the company was awarded the business. In turn, Flambeau was awarded the company’s moulding contract. The entire project was a collaborative effort between three different businesses, The client, Flambeau (the moulder), and ACT (a painting company). Together, the companies successfully formulated the best way to make the project work, from trailing moulds to testing colours and packaging, culminating in the rollout of full-scale production at Flambeau Europlast UK.