Trade Moulding - Contract Packaging Products

Customise your stock, semi-stock or complete custom packaging products to fit your needs. Many materials are available in clear, coloured and conductive along with multiple customization options such as labeling, inserts, mould-to-product or foam interiors, including antistatic and much more.

Contract packaging solutions offers the industry's largest selection of stock cases and boxes for storage applications. We also pride ourselves as a market leader in custom packaging solutions for industrial and commercial applications. We have served a wide range of industries that include healthcare and beauty, electronics, tools, toys and computers.

Whether you are looking for a stock, semi-stock or custom product, Flambeau Packaging Solutions may assist you. We provide you with experience working with a wide variety of materials — clear, coloured or conductive, insert capabilities, mould-to-product capabilities, and interior foam options including antistatic. Flambeau offers in-house engineering for product and mould design, and may work with you to provide a prototype and production process that specifically suits your need. And, with the many secondary processes we have available, we may customise the packaging to fit your customer's demands.
Contract Packaging Products
For more information on trade moulding for Contract Packaging Products, please contact our Customer Service Department via e-mail at or by telephone at +44 (0) 1843 854000 and we will be happy to assist you.