Nordic Group Companies

Use the links below to access Nordic Group Company websites for Nordic Group, Flambeau, ArtBin, Duncan Toys, Flambeau Cases, Flambeau Fluid Systems, Flambeau Hardware, Flambeau Medical Markets Group, Flambeau Outdoors, Flambeau Premiums, OrnaMates, Upside-Down Patio Garden, Columbia ParCar Corp, Columbia ParCar Arizona, Columbia ParCar Florida, PACJETS, Seats Incorporated, Stadium Building Products and The Neat Nursery Co., to gain information on each Company / Division / Brand.

Nordic Group - Parent Company
Flambeau - Plastic contract manufacturing and proprietary products
ArtBin - Art & craft storage/transport products
Duncan Toys - If it isn't a Duncan, it isn't a Yo-Yo!
Flambeau Cases - For all your box and case needs
Flambeau Fluid Systems - Plastic tanks, bottles & reservoir systems
Flambeau Hardware - Storage/transport items for craftsman/do-it-yourselfer
Flambeau Medical Markets Group - OEM medical product tooling and manufacturing
Flambeau Outdoors - Hunting/fishing products including decoys
Flambeau Premiums - Customizable, self-promotional products
Columbia ParCar Corp - Specialty vehicles
Columbia ParCar Arizona - Golf & NEV vehicle sales location in Sun City & Sun City West, Arizona
Columbia ParCar Florida - Golf & NEV vehicle sales location in Leesburg & Lady Lake, Florida
PACJETS - Private financing
Seats Incorporated - Custom & recreational vehicle seating
Stadium Building Products - Ventilation & building products
The Neat Nursery Co. - Leading UK manufacturer of plastic moulded baby products