About Us - Flambeau Europe

Flambeau specialises in the design and processing of blow moulded and injection moulded parts from thermoplastic materials. We use these technical polymer processing skills to manufacture our own products and trade mould (contract mould) product from customer owned tooling. These products can be decorated, assembled, retail packed and distributed globally dependent on individual customer requirements.

"A great company starts with outstanding people."

At Flambeau we are driven by outstanding people; we recognise our people are our most important asset for providing enduring and meaningful value to our customers. We will continue to service and support all people, processes, equipment and facilities in ways that enable us to realise our vision by achieving our strategic goals. We know there is no room in a competitive world for poor performance, and we actively seek out more efficient ways to exceed our customers' expectations across the variety of global markets and sectors we operate within.

We strive to develop and deliver quality products that are not only better in design and function, but excite our customers and generate value for them. Our product offering will be taken to fresh markets and new customers to generate the business growth we desire.
Flambeau, supported by the Nordic Group, provides a platform for fresh investment that enables the tradition of pioneering in new markets, products and customer opportunities to be realised now and into the future.

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